Who invented the first tattoo gun?

Answer Thomas Edison invented a machine that was intended for engraving that Samuel O' Reilly later patented as a tattoo machine after some modifications to the design, according to Tattoo Read More »

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Who invented tattoo makeup?

Tattoo makeup dates back to ancient Egyptian and Japanese times. However, American oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Crowell Beard was the first person to use cosmetic tattoos as a substitute for lost eyela... Read More »

Who invented the electric tattoo machine?

The electric tattoo machine, sometimes called a tattoo gun, was invented by Samuel O'Reilly in 1891. The machine has changed quite a bit over the years, yet it retains a similar design to the origi... Read More »

Why do tattoo haters spend time answering questions in the tattoo section?

Because They are F*cken idiots! they just want to bring people down....dont even listen to them..they believe strongly that "Tattoos" are "Tacky " or "disgusting"..but if you love shou... Read More »

Tattoo havers, which is more painful, in your opinion, a tattoo on your wrist or your ankle?

I have both. I must say that the wrist one wasn't pleasant when the artist got close to my hand, but it also wasn't unbearable. My ankle tattoo didn't hurt much at all.Now, if you're a "tattoo new-... Read More »