Who invented the first tablet pc?

Answer According to WebProNews, pen computers were the newest computer systems in the late 1980's but died out by 1995. Bill Gates and Microsoft reintroduced the pen computer as the "Tablet PC," which mad... Read More »

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Who invented the tablet pc?

The first tablet pc was the GRiDPad developed in 1989 by Jeff Hawkins. The tablet pc ran MSDOS and had a pen attached at the end of a wire. Shortly after, the GO Corporation developed a prototype n... Read More »

Who thought of a tablet PC first?

According to Conceivably Tech, the first modern tablet PC was written about by Xerox's Alan Kay in a report titled "A Personal Computer for Children of All Ages." Kay's report was published in 1972... Read More »

Why has there been no cure invented for a hangover in tablet/pill form?

Hahahaha Sweet weak tea the morning after and orange juice. Best is drinking a pint of water before you go to bed.WB. Where have you been?

How to Get the Right Tablet the First Time?

Here is an iPad 2 touch tabletSo you want to get a touch tablet, right? If so, this is probably the best article you could be reading because there are not many guides for choosing the best known t... Read More »