Who invented the first stereo radio system?

Answer Alan Blumlein, while employed at London's Electrical and Musical Industries (EMI), was credited with the first patent for stereo radio in 1931. His invention made it possible for the first intercit... Read More »

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Who invented the first stereo system?

In 1931, inventor and electrical engineer Alan Blumlein, while attempting to improve sound systems in cinemas, developed a method that enclosed two sound channels into a single record groove and na... Read More »

How can I play internet radio (Slacker, etc.), from my cell to my home stereo system My stereo has a USB port?

You user the headphone jack from the phone attached to aux in on the stereo either RCA in or Mini 3.5 jack in; you also need the appropriate cord in order to do this.....

Who invented the stereo system?

The stereo system was invented in 1931 by an engineer named Alan Dower Blumlein, who originally referred to it as "binaural sound". According to the IEEE Global History Network, Blumlein designed t... Read More »

Who invented the first radio station?

According to PBS's American Experience, Canadian physicist Reginald Fessenden created the first radio station in Brant Rock, Massachusetts on Christmas Eve 1906. In 1920, KDKA in Wilkinsburg, Penns... Read More »