Who invented the first slide rule?

Answer The inventor of the first slide rule was the English mathematician and Anglican clergyman William Oughtred, who lived from 1575 to 1660. His slide rule was circular; the straight slide rule was a l... Read More »

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In what year was the slide rule invented?

The slide rule was invented in approximately 1622 by William Oughtred. Oughtred took two straight logarithmic scales, created in 1620 by Edmund Gunter, and placed them side by side. He was then abl... Read More »

Is it a rule that you can't slide into first base in baseball?

In baseball, it is legal to slide into first base. It is not a frequent occurrence, particularly at the major league level, because there is some debate as to whether sliding actually gets a player... Read More »

What was the name of the book in which William Oughtred first described his slide rule?

The mathematician William Oughtred first described his design for the slide rule in "Circles of Proportion and the Horizontal Instrument" published in 1632. In this book, Oughtred also outlined his... Read More »

How to Use a Slide Rule?

Suppose you want to compute 8+15 but you forgot how to add. Would it help if you had two yardsticks? Then you could just line them up so that they are offset by 8 inches. If the 0 lines up with the... Read More »