Who invented the first scuba diving equipment?

Answer In 1825, William James invented the first scuba, or self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, making it easier for divers to go deeper underwater. Until then, divers had to wear a heavy suit i... Read More »

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What equipment is needed for scuba diving?

The essential components of scuba diving equipment consist of a wetsuit, a gas cylinder for oxygen, a regulator which controls the pressure of the breathing gas, a diving mask, a scuba belt and fin... Read More »

How to Start Scuba Diving?

You may have noticed a program/article about diving, may have a friend who dives, or you may have just taken a shine to it and want to start - but how do you start? This article will let you know j... Read More »

Where did scuba diving originate?

The first true rebreather diving device was created by a Doctor Friminet of France, in 1771 or 1772--sources are split on which is the true date. The device was a suit connected to a container by t... Read More »

How to Fit a Scuba Diving Mask?

If you have ever had a dive mask leak, you know how frustrating and annoying it can be. You don't want to spend your time underwater clearing your mask instead of taking in all the sights. Scuba di... Read More »