Who invented the first quill pen?

Answer Since the quill pen was developed so many years ago, 600 A.D., in wide use until the 1800s, the original inventor cannot be determined. It is believed however that the quill pen first appeared in S... Read More »

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Where was the quill invented?

The quill is a dipping pen made from a sharpened bird feather, most commonly from a goose. Its invention can't be attributed to one particular region or person, but it dates back to roughly 700 A.D... Read More »

What is a quill pen used for?

A quill pen, made from the feather of a large bird such as a crow or swan, is used for writing. It was a popular tool well into the 1800s before the invention of steel pen points.Source:"Quill Pens... Read More »

What is a quill pen?

Quill pens have been used as writing implements for more than 1,500 years. The feathers are hardened and cut down, then dipped in ink for writing.HistoryQuill pens were the primary writing tool fro... Read More »

What is quill oil used for?

Quill oil is an archaic name for cinnamon oil, and it is used chiefly as a flavoring. A rolled piece of cinnamon bark, which is commonly known as a cinnamon stick, was at one time known as a quill,... Read More »