Who invented the first pressing iron?

Answer The pressing iron, commonly referred to as a curling iron or hot curlers, was patented by an African American woman named Theora Stephens. According to, Stephens received the patent ... Read More »

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When was the first pressing iron made?

Hair pressing devices have been used for centuries in different cultures. A patent for a modernized hair pressing device was issued to an African-American woman named Theora Stephens in 1983. The d... Read More »

Who invented the pressing comb?

Annie Turnbo Malone invented and patented the pressing comb in 1900. She was born after the slavery era, in 1869. She realized at an early age that there were not many cosmetic products for African... Read More »

Who invented the hot iron?

The hot iron was invented by Henry W. Seely in 1882. Seely, of New York, patented his electric iron on June 6, 1882. His flat iron weighed 15 pounds, much heavier than today's electric irons.Source... Read More »

Who invented the sad iron?

Sad irons were made of metal. The name sad iron means "solid iron." The first sad irons were made in the Middle Ages. There is no known inventor of the first sad iron. Other names of the sad iron a... Read More »