Who invented the first popcorn machine?

Answer Although it was reported that the Iroquois Indians used pottery to pop popcorn during the 17th century, Charles Cretors invented the first popcorn machine in Chicago, Illinois, in 1885. He received... Read More »

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Who made the popcorn machine?

Charles Cretors made the first popcorn machine in 1885. It was originally made to be a peanut roaster. However, he put a part on the machine at the top to be used for the production of popcorn.Sour... Read More »

What size popcorn machine should a person buy?

On One Hand: A Little Goes A Long WayPopcorn makers come in a variety of sizes and styles. Since most consumers only need to a feed themselves and a few others, small, easy to store, popcorn makers... Read More »

Who invented a machine called a lasting machine that stitched the leather of a shoe to its sole?

Jan Ernst Matzeliger invented the lasting machine. The lasting machine places and attaches the leather upper part of the shoe to the sole. A native of Dutch Guiana born in 1852, Matzeliger develope... Read More »

Who made the world's biggest popcorn machine?

C. Cretors and Company is credited for the invention of the popcorn machine in 1885. The company is listed by Guinness World Records as the creator of the largest popcorn machine as well.References... Read More »