Who invented the first popcorn machine?

Answer Although it was reported that the Iroquois Indians used pottery to pop popcorn during the 17th century, Charles Cretors invented the first popcorn machine in Chicago, Illinois, in 1885. He received... Read More »

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Who invented the first karaoke machine?

A Japanese man, Daisuke Inoue, invented the karaoke machine, according to Neatorama. He made 11 prototype machines and leased them to bars. Inoue didn't make any money off his invention, however, b... Read More »

Who invented the first copy machine?

Chester Floyd Carlson invented Xerography, also known as the first copy machine, in 1938. The first copy machine was introduced to the public 21 years later, in 1959. Carlson won Inventor of the ... Read More »

Who invented the first linotype machine?

Ottmar Mergenthaler built the first linotype machine in 1886. It was the most significant advance in printing technology since the invention of movable type 400 years earlier. It allowed one person... Read More »

Who Invented the First Sewing Machine?

Thomas Saint, a cabinet maker and inventor from London, England, invented the first functional sewing machine and patented it in 1790. His device spooled thread continuously as an arm holding a nee... Read More »