Who invented the first pitching machine?

Answer Charles Hinton invented the first pitching machine in 1897. Hinton was a mathematics instructor at Princeton University. He came up with the idea of a pitching machine when he noticed that Princeto... Read More »

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Who invented the pitching machine?

The baseball pitching machine was invented by a Princeton University mathematics professor named Charles Hinton in an effort to preserve the arms of the Princeton pitching staff. The machine's firs... Read More »

How fast do I set a pitching machine?

On One Hand: Set It at a High SpeedPitching machines allow ballplayers to hit pitches thrown at high speeds--sometimes at 90 mph or more. After a few warm-up rounds, you will want to set your pitch... Read More »

Who makes the best pitching machine?

On One Hand: Jugs Pitching MachinesJugs pitching machines is the oldest manufacturer of automated baseball pitching machines. Jugs' products are used by leagues from youth to professional. Jugs m... Read More »

What is the speed of the Jugs Jr. pitching machine?

According to the Jugs website, the lower- and upper-pitched speed limits for the Jugs Jr. pitching machine is 15 to 60 mph, respectively. The machine has a digital speed readout to set and determin... Read More »