Who invented the first pitching machine?

Answer Charles Hinton invented the first pitching machine in 1897. Hinton was a mathematics instructor at Princeton University. He came up with the idea of a pitching machine when he noticed that Princeto... Read More »

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Who invented the pitching machine?

The baseball pitching machine was invented by a Princeton University mathematics professor named Charles Hinton in an effort to preserve the arms of the Princeton pitching staff. The machine's firs... Read More »

How fast do I set a pitching machine?

On One Hand: Set It at a High SpeedPitching machines allow ballplayers to hit pitches thrown at high speeds--sometimes at 90 mph or more. After a few warm-up rounds, you will want to set your pitch... Read More »

Who makes the best pitching machine?

On One Hand: Jugs Pitching MachinesJugs pitching machines is the oldest manufacturer of automated baseball pitching machines. Jugs' products are used by leagues from youth to professional. Jugs m... Read More »

Who invented the first counting machine?

The Chinese invented the abacus, the first counting machine using beads, in 3,000 B.C. Blaise Pascal invented in 1642 the first true counting machine, where the result could be read directly from t... Read More »