Who invented the first pillow?

Answer Based on findings in ancient Egyptian tombs, the Egyptians invented the pillow made of wood. The first softer pillow, made of reeds, straw or feathered down, traces back to ancient Greece and Rome.... Read More »

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Do you put the pillow under your chin when you're putting the pillow case on?

No, I put the pillows on my knees, extend the opening of the case and slide it over them. The pillows that is, not my knees.

When was the first earbuds invented and who invented it?

I know this sounds weird but where the speaker is suck on it and try using it again

When was the first digital camera first invented?

The first recorded digital cameras were used by NASA in the 1960s to take pictures of the moon. The first consumer digital camera were made in 1994 by Apple. In in 1995 Kodak and Casio released th... Read More »

Who invented the first atv?

In 1967, Honda lead engineer Osamu Takeuchi and his team began formulating the design for the first all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, to be commercially produced. The Honda US90 made its debut in the Un... Read More »