Who invented the first microprocessor and when?

Answer Working as a researcher for Intel, Dr. Marcian Edward "Ted" Hoff Jr. invented the first microprocessor in 1969. That first microprocessor became known as the Intel 4004, which was made publicly ava... Read More »

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Who invented the microprocessor?

On One Hand: Intel CorporationIntel Corporation is credited with the invention of the micro processor in 1971. They were founded in 1968 by three men--Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Andrew Grove. ... Read More »

In what year was the microprocessor invented?

The idea for a microprocessor has been around since the early 1950s, but the first actual microprocessor chip was released in November of 1971. It was called the Intel 4004 and was originally desig... Read More »

What is an ARM microprocessor?

The ARM Cortex Application Processors are designed to give 2 gigahertz or more speed for the new wave of wireless technology. They can be used in many devices, such as smartphones, netbooks, and di... Read More »

What was the first microprocessor?

The Intel 4004 was the world's first microprocessor. Frederico Faggin designed the Intel 4004. However, Intel accredited this microprocessor invention to Ted Hoff after Faggin left Intel to start h... Read More »