Who invented the first lye relaxer?

Answer An African-American man named Garrett Augustus Morgan invented lye hair relaxer. He called his invention hair refining cream and patented the idea. Morgan later founded a company that sold a variet... Read More »

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Who invented the hair relaxer?

The hair relaxer was invented by Garrett A. Morgan in 1909. At the time, the invention was called the G. A. Morgan Hair Refining Cream. Morgan set out to invent a chemical solution to coat sewing n... Read More »

How to Use a No-Lye Relaxer?

This is an article about how to use a no-lye relaxer Does this Spark an idea?

No Lye Relaxer Vs. Lye Relaxer?

Both lye and no-lye Relaxers are used to straighten African American hair. If either is used carelessly, it can cause severe damage to both the hair and the scalp. There are pros and cons to both t... Read More »

How to Remove a Relaxer?

Relaxers work through the use of an alkaline agent (lye or a weaker non-lye based formula) to altar your hair by slowly, but carefully, damaging it. Removing a hair relaxer isn't the difficult part... Read More »