Who invented the first lamp?

Answer According to, the first electric lamp was invented by Sir Humphry Davy in 1800. He created the first electrical arc by connecting wires from a battery to a piece of carbon.Sou... Read More »

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When was the oil lamp invented?

The oil lamp was invented in the Stone Age. The first oil lamp was a hollowed out stone cup that held moss or another spongy material that was soaked in tallow, or oil, and then lit.Source:Lamp

When was the LED lamp invented?

The first viable LED ( light emitting diode) lamp was invented in 1962, and it was only available in red. In 1993 a blue LED was invented, making it possible for the LED lamp to work as a viable wh... Read More »

Who invented the arc lamp?

Sir Humphrey Davy invented the arc lamp in England during the early 1800s. Davy, an acclaimed physicist, employed a 2,000-cell battery and two charcoal sticks to generate an arc spanning a space of... Read More »

When was the Lava Lamp invented?

Edward Craven Walker launched the original Astro Lamp, now known as a Lava Lamp, in 1963 after noticing a similar contraption behind the bar of a Hampshire pub. Walker dedicated 15 years to the per... Read More »