Who invented the first jet plane?

Answer During World War II, the German scientist Hans Von Ohain invented the first jet plane while the jet engine was invented by Frank Whittle of England.Source:Encyclopedia: Flight

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Who invented the hand plane?

A 19th century tool designer, Leonard Bailey, developed tools that were used to smooth wood. In the mid-1800s many of Bailey's designs became models that were used for most planes. Today you can fi... Read More »

When was the inclined plane invented?

An inclined plane or ramp aids people as well as animals to reach a higher point. This method became second nature to humans and began at the dawn of civilization. In 2500 B.C.E., the Egyptians bui... Read More »

Who invented the first Drone plane and by who?

What movie is it where people are on a plane and swarm of monsters attack plane and to live you must go to sleep but one person must stay awake?