Who invented the first iron cook stove?

Answer The invention of the first iron cook stove is largely credited to Benjamin Franklin, who in 1742 developed what he then called the Pennsylvania Fireplace, more commonly known today as a Franklin St... Read More »

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Who invented the iron cook stove?

Although iron stoves date back as far as 1642, American inventor and industrialist Jordan Mott invented the base burner, an iron cook stove specifically for cooking followed closely by the Rumford ... Read More »

When was the black iron cook stove invented?

Cast iron cook stoves, also referred to as black iron stoves, were first invented in 1742 by Benjamin Franklin, who designed a cast iron device designed to function as a heater. This design was lat... Read More »

Who invented the first gas cook stove?

James Sharp, an English inventor, received a patent for the gas stove in 1826. By the start of the 20th century, gas stoves were a common fixture in many households.References:National High Magneti... Read More »

Who invented the modern cook stove?

The majority of modern stoves use either gas or electric power, with the first gas stove patented in England in 1826 by James Sharp, according to the educational website The ... Read More »