Who invented the first inkjet printer?

Answer No one person or company is credited with inventing the first inkjet printer. Canon and Hewlett-Packard are responsible for releasing the first inkjet printer in 1988 for consumers to purchase. It ... Read More »

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Who invented the inkjet printer?

No particular person or company invented the inkjet printer. It was first presented in 1976 but was not used until 1988 by the Hewlett-Packard company for consumers as a DeskJet. It was available a... Read More »

What was the selling price of the first DeskJet inkjet printer HP released in 1988?

HP's first mass-market printer was the DeskJet inkjet. It was released in 1988 and offered continuous printing and industry-standard resolution. Its price was about $1,000, which at the time was th... Read More »

What was the selling price of the first Deskjet inkjet printer Hewlett Packard released in 1988?

The first Hewlett Packard DeskJet cost $1,000 when released in 1988, according to HP. By 1993, HP produced enough of the DeskJet that it could sell it for $395.References:HP: HP DeskJet printer, 1988

What's better a laser printer, a dotmatrix printer or an inkjet printer?

For Black&White prints, top of the line printers ( = fastest+high quality): - LASER - high quality & high speed. - Ink - high quality & moderate speed. - Dot Matrix - moderate quality&moderate spee... Read More »