Who invented the first hair dryer?

Answer French hairdresser Alexandre Godefroy conceptualized the world's first hair dryer in 1890. By affixing a hood to a gas stove, Godefroy was able to direct hot air towards clients' damp tresses.Sourc... Read More »

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Who invented the first electric hair dryer?

Alexandre Godefoy filed the first patent for the electric hair dryer in 1890. Godefoy used this hair dryer in his salon in France. The hair dryer was similar to the design of the vacuum cleaner of ... Read More »

What year was the first hair dryer invented?

The first hair dryer was invented in 1890. Alexandre F. Godefoy, a Frenchman, invented the hair dryer. The design resembled the design of the vacuum cleaner of that time period. An interesting fact... Read More »

Who invented the first blow dryer?

The first blow dryer, or hair dryer, was invented by Alexandre F. Godefroy. He invented the blow dryer in his salon in France in 1890. Godefroy's inspiration was the suction of warm air through a v... Read More »

When was the first laundry dryer invented?

The laundry dryer was invented in 1799 by a Frenchman named Pochon. It was called the ventilator and was the first tumble dryer. The ventilator featured a drum with holes hand-cranked over a fire.R... Read More »