Who invented the first hair comb?

Answer The hair comb has been part of human civilization for thousands of years, and exists in one form or another in cultures all over the world, and throughout human history. One of the oldest combs ev... Read More »

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Who invented the hair comb?

The hair comb was invented by Walter H. Sammons in 1920, according to the Black Collegian Online and Free Patents Online. His comb was a metal pressing comb designed for black hair and had a thermo... Read More »

Who first invented the hot comb?

In 1905 an African-American woman by the name of Madame C.J. Walker invented the first hot comb, otherwise known as the flat iron, to help African American women straighten and press out their hair... Read More »

In what year was the hot comb invented?

The hot comb was first developed in 1872. It was developed by Francois Marcel Grateau, a hairdresser in Paris. He developed the hair-waving process by working on clients for free at first. The inno... Read More »

Who invented the pressing comb?

Annie Turnbo Malone invented and patented the pressing comb in 1900. She was born after the slavery era, in 1869. She realized at an early age that there were not many cosmetic products for African... Read More »