Who invented the first guitar amplifier?

Answer Electric guitars and their accompanying amplifiers were developed in conjunction with each other, so the actual inventor of the guitar amplifier is a matter of debate. Leo Fender is generally credi... Read More »

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Who invented the guitar amplifier?

Leo Fender, a pioneer in electric guitars, invented the guitar amplifier. Fender began building guitar amplifiers during the World War II era by adapting RCA tube application manuals. Prior to sta... Read More »

Can I use my bass guitar on an electric guitar amplifier ?

do it and enjoy it very welli know so many blackmetallers that use this way for their bass

DIY Guitar Amplifier?

A DIY guitar amplifier gives you complete control over the accessories your amplifier will have, as well as the cost. Although a DIY amplifier can be a project for beginners, if you plan to start f... Read More »

What is a combo guitar amplifier?

A combo guitar amplifier, often shortened to "combo amp" or just "combo," is an excellent alternative to a standard rig consisting of an amplifier head and a speaker cabinet. Combo amps are becomin... Read More »