Who invented the first gas motor?

Answer The first gas motor is believe to have been invented in 1824 by English engineer Samuel Brown. Historical accounts claim the inventor adapted a steam engine to burn gas and powered a vehicle to run... Read More »

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Who invented the first motor driven vacuum cleaner?

The first motorized vacuum cleaner was gasoline powered and was patented by John S. Thurman in 1899. The first electric vacuum was invented by Hubert Booth in 1901, although its motor was so large... Read More »

Who invented motor oil?

Charles Wakefield invented motor oil. In 1899, Wakefield set up an oil company and developed the motor oil lubricant. His invention was called Castrol Oil and it revolutionized transport in the fir... Read More »

Who invented the motor boat?

Herr Gottlieb Daimler installed an internal combustion engine in a boat in 1886. This engine had a single cylinder and produced about 1 horsepower.Source:A Short History of Motor Boating

Who invented synthetic motor oil?

Amsoil Inc. is credited as the inventor of synthetic motor oil. According to Dave Mann, a lubrication specialist at the company, this explains why Amsoil "has been authorized to register and use '... Read More »