Who invented the first folding bed?

Answer William L. Murphy invented the first folding bed. In 1900, Mr. Murphy applied for his first patent, and the fold-up bed is still commonly known as a Murphy bed. Murphy Wall Bed Company is still in ... Read More »

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Who invented the folding umbrella?

According to umbrella manufacturer Rains Shield the earliest claim for the invention of the folding umbrella was by umbrella manufacturer Marius in Paris, France. Marius's folding umbrella was unve... Read More »

Who invented the japanese folding fan?

The origin of the Japanese folding fan is not entirely clear. The Japanese folding fan first appeared in the historic record in the Heian era, which is between 784-1184. After this time period, it ... Read More »

Who invented the folding umbrella: Henry Cohn?

The first folding umbrella was made by Jean Marius as a Parisian fashion statement. The folding umbrella was invented in 1709, however it was not until the 1930s that the folding umbrella became po... Read More »

Which U.S. president invented the swivel chair and the folding ladder?

Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair, improving on the one he saw in Europe. He combined a Windsor chair with a leg rest and a writing arm, inventing a new piece of furniture. He also invente... Read More »