Who invented the first fiddle?

Answer The fiddle, or violin, combines features of other instruments such as the rebec, Lira de braccio and the renaissance vielle. It was first developed in the early 1500s by Andrea Amati.Source:The Vio... Read More »

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What is a fiddle?

The fiddle generally refers to any bowed or stringed instrument, though most often describes a violin. As a term, the fiddle is most often used to describe the violin when played in folk, country a... Read More »

Where did the fiddle come from?

The exact date of the creation of the first fiddle is unknown. The instrument evolved over time from other stringed instruments. The earliest fiddles known to have existed came from Italy in the 16... Read More »

How to Care for a Fiddle?

A fiddle is simply a more casual term for a violin. 'Fiddling' is usually associated with dancing, where 'violin music' has a classical connotation.A fiddle (violin) is a valuable, delicate, precis... Read More »

Who made the first fiddle?

The origin of the violin, or fiddle, springs from the early 16th century. The modern violin was first crafted by an Italian craftsman named Andrea Amati. He crafted a fiddle which belonged to Saint... Read More »