Who invented the first electric refrigerator?

Answer The first electric refrigerator was invented by Thomas Moore in 1803, according to the Enchanted Learning website. The first commercial refrigerator specifically designed to keep food cold was inve... Read More »

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When was the first electric refrigerator invented?

The first method of refrigeration (cooling air by the evaporation of liquids in a vacuum) was invented in 1748 by William Cullen of the University of Glasgow, Scotland; Cullen did not apply his dis... Read More »

Can i put an electric range next to a refrigerator?

On One Hand: You Shouldn'tAccording to the Consumer Energy Center, installing a stove of any kind next to the refrigerator is inefficient. The heat from the stove causes the refrigerator and freeze... Read More »

What causes a side by side general electric refrigerator to freeze on the refrigerator side?

AnswerTry thoroughly defrosting it. If the self-defrost isn't working properly the ice could build up in the freezer side, moisture could freeze into the insulation, pass the frost through the wall... Read More »

How to Replace the Water Filter on a General Electric Refrigerator?

Many General Electric refrigerators have water and ice dispensers built into the door. All models that have water dispensers are equipped with a filter that keeps the water clean. GE recommends rep... Read More »