Who invented the first electric digital clock?

Answer Alexander Bain, a clockmaker, technician and inventor, made the first electric clock in 1840. Bain and John Barwise, a chronometer maker, patented this new timekeeping invention in 1841 in Scotland... Read More »

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Who invented the electric clock?

Scottish inventor, educator, and philosopher Alexander Bain (1818-1903) created the electric clock in 1841. Bain also invented both the fax machine and the chemical telegraph in a span of only six ... Read More »

Who invented the digital alarm clock?

Samuel Polonsky of Monroe, Connecticut, submitted a patent for an electronic digital alarm clock on Oct. 9, 1979. General Electric was the producer of the electronic digital alarm clock. The patent... Read More »

When Was the First Electric Clock Made?

Alexander Bain made the first electric clock in the mid-19th century. The Scottish clockmaker patented the first electric clock system in 1841. For this groundbreaking invention, Bain became known ... Read More »

Who made the first digital clock?

The first digital clock was produced by the Hamilton Watch Company in 1972. The 18-carat gold Pulsar was first released at a price of $2,100.The time was shown by pressing a button on the side whi... Read More »