Who invented the first computer keyboard?

Answer Christopher L. Sholes was an American inventor who patented the QWERTY keyboard for a typewriter in the late 1800s. The QWERTY keyboard layout is still used today in modern electronics.Source:Earth... Read More »

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Who invented the keyboard layout?

Inventor Christopher Latham Sholes devised the commonly used QWERTY keyboard layout in 1896. He set up the keyboard so that the most frequently struck letters were separated to prevent early typew... Read More »

Who invented the'QWERTY'keyboard?

According to, Christopher Sholes invented the QWERTY keyboard arrangement in 1868. The QWERTY keyboard layout first arrived on a typewriter and evolved into the standard keyboard t... Read More »

When was the musical keyboard invented?

The first electronic keyboard (the Clavioline) was invented by Constant Martin in France in 1947. By the 1950s, it was licensed to be manufactured all over the world and gave musicians many sounds ... Read More »

Who invented the wireless keyboard?

The wireless keyboard was invented by Samsung-Electro Mechanics. It was patented in 1999. The original could be used as a wired keyboard if connected to a computer or wireless keyboard if disconnec... Read More »