Who invented the first computer compiler?

Answer Rear Admiral Dr. Grace Murray Hopper (1906-1992) developed the first computer compiler in 1952. The compiler was called FLOW-MATIC. While programming languages generally consist of understandable w... Read More »

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What Hopper invented the first computer compiler?

American naval officer, Grace Murray Hopper, invented the first computer compiler in 1952. Hopper's compiler was the first computer program that effectively translated written text into machine rea... Read More »

What are the differences between a compiler, a JIT compiler, and an interpreter?

Interpreter: Code is read and executed 1 line at a time from the original source code file. BASIC would be a good example of this type of language.Compiler: Source code is compiled into an execut... Read More »

How big was the first computer invented?

The first completely functioning computer was the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, or ENIAC. It weighed over 30 tons and was the size of two semi-trucks. It had 19,000 vacuum tubes, 6,... Read More »

Who invented the computer first?

According to, the invention of the computer, like any great invention, is the result of a few minds. The original idea is credited to Charles Babbage. The first actual computer is said t... Read More »