Who invented the first color printer?

Answer A single person has not been credited for the invention of the first color printer because it was a combined group effort. It was invented in 1976 but was not released to the public market until 19... Read More »

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When was the first color printer invented?

The first color printer was invented in the 1977. It was a dot matrix printer. Color was achieved using a four-color ribbon. Color printing for the inkjet printer was introduced in 1984.Source:Goog... Read More »

When was the first color computer printer invented?

The technology for color inkjet printing was invented in 1976, but color printers were not made available for consumer home use until Hewlett Packard marketed the DeskJet printer for personal compu... Read More »

Who invented the color printer?

C. Itoh Electronics, Inc. (CIE) developed the first color printer in 1976. Apple Computers marketed the color printer under the name "ImageWriter" in 1983. The printer sold for $675 and was an 80-c... Read More »

Who invented the first inkjet printer?

No one person or company is credited with inventing the first inkjet printer. Canon and Hewlett-Packard are responsible for releasing the first inkjet printer in 1988 for consumers to purchase. It ... Read More »