Who invented the first bomb?

Answer During the Han Dynasty, Chinese alchemists created gunpowder by accident. Looking for an elixir that would lead to immortality, they mixed sulphur and saltpeter (potassium nitrate). This invention ... Read More »

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Who invented the neutron bomb?

Physicist Samuel Cohen is credited with inventing the neutron bomb in 1958. The neutron bomb is devised to destroy living organisms with a lethal dose of radioactive material while doing little to ... Read More »

Who invented the hydrogen bomb?

Edward Teller, in collaboration with Stanislaw Ulam, designed the first workable hydrogen bomb. Although he did not lead the project that produced the bomb, Teller remained a lifelong proponent of ... Read More »

What is a cherry bomb?

A cherry bomb is a type of firecracker that is shaped like a red ball, hence the name. They were very popular as street fireworks, but were made illegal by the Child Protection Act.References:Firew... Read More »

How do I use banner bomb on the Wii 4.0?

Bannerbomb DownloadDownload the Bannerbomb software from their official website. Click on the "download" link and save the file to your desktop for easy access.SD CardsInsert an SD card into your c... Read More »