Who invented the first blu-ray disc?

Answer Sony invented the first Blu-ray disc in 2000.

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Who invented blu-ray disc and in which year?

No, Toshiba's firmware in their blu-ray players makes it so you need their proprietary wireless adapter. Sort of a rip-off since I can't find one for less than $80. I moved my cable modem & wireles... Read More »

When was the laser disc invented?

The first transparent recording disc was invented in 1958 by David Paul Gregg. Electronics giant Philips expanded on the invention in 1969 with reflective video discs. In 1972, a recently partnered... Read More »

Who invented the disc sander?

According to the European patent office, on June 14th, 1965, Otto Hendrickson applied for a patent for an Air Operated Sanding Machine. A patent was granted for his invention on September 3, 1968 u... Read More »

When was the floppy disc invented?

The floppy disk was invented in 1971 by Alan Shugart and his design group at IBM. The first floppy disk was 8 inches in diameter and could only store 100KB of information. A floppy disk of this typ... Read More »