Who invented the first black light?

Answer William H. Byler created the first black light. He accomplished this in 1935, only eight years after his graduation (1927) from the University of Central Missouri, which has a scholarship named aft... Read More »

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Who invented the black light?

William H. Byler, a graduate from Baylor University, invented the black light in 1935. Also referred to as a Wood's Lamp, the black light is actually ultraviolet light that emits electromagnetic ra... Read More »

Who invented the black light bulb?

Scientist William H. Byler invented the the black light bulb in 1935. Black light bulbs produce a purplish light that is near the edge of the ultraviolet spectrum. It emits electromagnetic radiatio... Read More »

Who invented the neon black light?

The first black light was invented by William H. Byler. He created it in 1935, which was just eight years after his graduation from the University of Central Missouri with a major in chemistry.Sour... Read More »

Is a black light a fluorescent light?

Some black lights are made in the same manner as fluorescent lights, except that dark purple glass is used instead of clear glass and only one phosphor is used. The purple glass blocks nearly all v... Read More »