Who invented the first bike helmet?

Answer The first prototype of a bicycle helmet was made in 1973 by Bell Helmets. This design was commercially released in 1975 as the Bell Biker.Source:Bell Helmets

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How to Draw a Bike Helmet?

Bike helmets are used as safety measures when cycling. Follow this tutorial to draw a basic bike helmet.Note: follow the red line for each step.

How to Wear a Helmet when Riding a Bike?

The most annoying thing in all the world is to have your mom barking at you when you head out the door to hop on your bike. Put a stop to that. Wear your helmet every time you embark on that bike, ... Read More »

Why is it important to wear a bike helmet?

A simple plastic bike helmet can mean the difference between a harmless spill on a bike and a serious or even fatal head injury, but only if the rider wears it correctly.FunctionAccording to Brake,... Read More »

Do you HAVE to wear a bike helmet in California?

YES, even on the sidewalk, at any age you MUST wear it, and so must the adult wear one. You would look pretty bad in a wheelchair suffering from brain injuries! You only have to hit your head on a ... Read More »