Who invented the first bathroom scale?

Answer The first scales came about in 4000 BC to weigh goods, such as spices. Leonardo da Vinci developed the first self-weighing scale around approximately 1500, but the idea did not truly catch on until... Read More »

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Who invented the bathroom scale?

Scales were first invented and used as far back as 4000 BC in the Middle East. But credit Leonardo da Vinci for the invention of the first bathroom scale, around 1500. Leonardo da Vinci, probably b... Read More »

Who invented the first HO scale train?

According to the Train Collectors Society in the United Kingdom, the first HO train was created as a collaboration between British companies Basset-Lowke and Bing and was designed by Henry Greenly.... Read More »

When was the first balance scale invented?

The use of balance scales can be traced to Mesopotamia as early as 4000 B.C. though the exact date of their invention is unknown. Historians believe the early balance scales were derived from ox yo... Read More »

What is a bathroom scale?

A bathroom scale is a weighing device that people place in their bathroom to weigh themselves. Early scales were simple mechanical spring-scales; however, today’s bathroom scales are generally di... Read More »