Who invented the first band saw?

Answer The first band saw is credited to England's William Newberry in 1808. The thin flexible cutting blade of the newly invented band saw tended to break easily as it rotated around large wheels at high... Read More »

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Where was the band saw invented?

In 1808, William Newberry patented a band saw in England. While Newberry's idea was original, the concept of it was not workable at the time.Source:Continuous Saws

What year was the band-aid invented?

Earle Dickson invented the Band-Aid bandage in 1920 to help his wife, who often cut herself in the kitchen. It took a few years for the concept to become popular, as the first Band-Aids the Johnson... Read More »

Who invented the rubber band gun?

The first rubber band gun was patented as a magazine spring gun by Abraham L. Rich on Feb. 14, 1882, as a fully functioning rifle intended for practical uses. A toy version of the rubber band gun w... Read More »

Where was the elastic band invented?

The elastic band, also called rubber band, was invented in England. Stephen Perry, the inventor, patented his invention in London on March 17, 1845. He thought of the rubber band as a device to hol... Read More »