Who invented the first ballet pointe shoe?

Answer Marie Taglioni is believed to be the first dancer to use reinforced ballet slippers during her ballet performance in La Sylphide in 1832. Taglioni's ballet slippers had no reinforcement on the toes... Read More »

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Difference Between Pointe & Ballet?

Ballet is a specific form of dance developed in France during the time of King Louis XIV. A demanding combination of artistry and athleticism, ballet requires dancers to be in superb physical condi... Read More »

How to Qualify for Pointe Ballet Class?

Learn whatyou will need to qualify for pointe!!!

How to Make Ballet Pointe Shoes?

Pointe shoes are expensive. This is how to make a decorative, non-functional pair of pointe shoes out of cardboard, fabric, tape, glue, and cotton balls!Warning: This is only for decoration! Please... Read More »

How to Break in a Pointe Shoe?

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