Who invented the first baby food?

Answer Donald newwater III that's who so take that America

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When was baby food first invented?

Baby food was first created by Dorothy Gerber in 1927. She experimented with strained and pureed food to give to her 7-month-old daughter Sally. Dorothy's husband Dan brought the food to his fathe... Read More »

Who invented the first baby bottle?

Wooden and leather baby bottles were used throughout various parts of Europe in the seventeenth century. The first nursing baby bottle was patented in the United States in 1841 by Charles M. Winds... Read More »

Who invented the first baby carseat?

I think that is more of a judgment call on your part, but over twelve I believe is a good guideline (if your child is mature)

Are apples the best first baby food?

Apples can be a good first choice. However, starting sweet fruits before vegetables can cause babies to prefer fruits over vegetables. I wouldrecommend vegetables first. Try green peas or carrots. ... Read More »