Who invented the first Game Boy?

Answer The first Nintendo game boy was invented by Gunpei Yokoi. Yokoi was regarded as one of Nintendo's most inventive developers. Game Boy started out as handheld video game with a black-and-white scre... Read More »

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Who invented the game of pool?

The game of pool, also called billiards, evolved from an outdoor French game similar to croquet that was moved indoors and played on green felt. The game, called "English billiards" or "snookers," ... Read More »

Who invented the game foosball?

The invention of foosball has been attributed to three individuals: Harold Searles Thornton, Alexandre de Fisterra and Lucien Rosengart, according to journalist Joan Anderman in a January 2010 arti... Read More »

Who invented the game Yahtzee?

The concept of the game Yahtzee was created by a historically unnamed Canadian couple. The couple sold the idea to Edwin Lowe in 1954, who developed the idea into the game known as Yahtzee today.So... Read More »

Who invented the game of marbles?

The game of marbles has its roots in antiquity. Marbles made from stones have been found in Paleolithic caves in Austria and the British Museum has several specimens of marbles played with by Roman... Read More »