Who invented the first Game Boy?

Answer The first Nintendo game boy was invented by Gunpei Yokoi. Yokoi was regarded as one of Nintendo's most inventive developers. Game Boy started out as handheld video game with a black-and-white scre... Read More »

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Who invented the first arcade game?

Nutting Associates released the first arcade game to the general public. The game was called "Computer Space." It was designed and created by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney but was not successful. B... Read More »

Who invented the first Pokemon game?

Satoshi Tajiri, born on August 28, 1965, is the man responsible for the Pokemon franchise. Based on fantasies he had while catching and collecting insects as a boy, Satoshi Tajiri would go on to fo... Read More »

Who invented the first Japanese game show?

yeah. They changed it a little added a higher pitch part representing Ashton Kutcher.

Who invented the first video game system?

The Magnavox Odyssey, designed by Ralph H. Baer, was the first video gaming system for television screens. Released by Magnavox in 1972, the battery-operated system included the game console, two h... Read More »