Who invented the film camera and who was the first to use it?

Answer Movie cameras have come a long way since their invention, and modern cameras use very different technology than their predecessors. One of the first film cameras was created in 1888 by Louis Le Pri... Read More »

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When was the first film camera invented?

An employee of Thomas Edison, William Kennedy Laurie Dickson, invented the first motion picture camera in 1891. Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince had invented a motion picture camera/projector in 1888... Read More »

Who invented the first camera film?

My wife bought me a Canon T1i digital camera, my old camera is a Minolta 330 RZ 35mm film camera?

With a little information you can take GREAT pictures at your sons little league games.See the link below for info from Canon. They have a good website. Try looking at your owner's manual and other... Read More »

What film is best for minolta maxxum 3xi film camera?

Any 35mm film will be fine. My personal choice for color prints is Kodak Ektar, ISO 100. For general black & white photography I use Ilford XP-2 Super, ISO 400. This and the Ektar are C-41 process ... Read More »