Who invented the fan blade?

Answer The fan blade was invented with the first ceiling fan, which were first created just after the invention of electricity. The first fan on the market debuted in 1882 and was invented by Philip Dieh... Read More »

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Who invented the circular saw blade?

Sarah Babbit created the first circular saw blade in 1810, according to Ask Tool Talk. She mounted a notched tin disc onto her spinning wheel and used it to cut shingles. Edmond Michel created the ... Read More »

How to remove a stuck Kitchenaid Food Processor Blade (blade in the 4 cup bowl)?

Actually, what you're going to have to do is find a couple of fairly large, preferably very close to the same size, screwdrivers, with which you can apply pressure equally to both sides of the bowl... Read More »

Does Blade have an acid-etched sword in the movie"Blade"?

Blade uses the Daywalker Sword--an acid-etched, silver-plated titanium sword--in the movie "Blade." The sword also has a built-in explosive that goes off any time someone other than Blade uses it.R... Read More »

Does a 5-blade ceiling fan provide more air movement than a 3-blade fan?