Who invented the espresso machine?

Answer Concentrated coffee drinks first arose in the 1800s. An Italian citizen named Luigi Bezzera invented the espresso machine as we know it today; he filed a patent for the product in 1901.Source:Unive... Read More »

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What is the procedure for making espresso with a Krups espresso machine?

Depending on the Krups model you have, the process of making espresso will vary slightly, though the basic procedure will remain the same: Grind, fill, tamp and steam. Espresso is the traditional w... Read More »

How to Make Froth for Espresso Without an Espresso Machine?

How to make a stiff, melted ice cream-like froth for cappuccino by using one of those little battery-operated drink whisking gizmos.

How to Make an Espresso (Espresso Machine Coffee)?

Coffee....Espresso is a single shot of coffee from an espresso machine. Making "good" espresso is an art form, and needs much research and practice to develop the best results. This is only a very ... Read More »

How do I use a DeLonghi EC-5 espresso machine?

Prepare to BrewUnscrew the water tank cap, and use the DeLonghi carafe to fill the reservoir. Fill the carafe to the “2” mark to make two espressos, or fill to the “4” to make four espresso... Read More »