Who invented the electric trolley car?

Answer According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Julian Sprague created the first successful electric trolley car system in 1887. The system, which ran 12 miles in Richmond, Virginia, began ... Read More »

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Who invented the electric eye?

Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for his paper on the theory of quanta. This paper provided the theoretical basis that made the electric eye, or photovoltaic cell, possible.So... Read More »

Who invented the electric oven?

Thomas Ahearn of Canada is credited as the inventor of the electric oven. The invention took place in 1882 and Ahearn received a patent on the electric oven in 1892, the same year he prepared the f... Read More »

Who invented the electric hairdryer?

The electric hairdryer, according to My Hairstyling Tools, was invented by Alexandre F. Godefoy in 1890. He created the appliance in France. Later, in 1922, very small electric motors were created ... Read More »

Who invented the electric shaver?

A U.S. Army officer named Jacob Schick invented the electric shaver in 1927. Schick went on to start his own production company, called Schick Dry Shaver, Inc. The electric shaver became available ... Read More »