Who invented the electric space heater?

Answer Charles-Emile Ouellet started building and experimenting with the idea of home heaters in the 1960s. In 1976, his company, now called Ouellet Canada, Inc., launched production of the first electric... Read More »

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How much room space can you heat with a 5,000-BTU electric heater?

The amount of room space you can heat with an electric heater depends on the cubic volume of the room and the level of insulation. For a room with average insulation, a 5,000-BTU electric heater wi... Read More »

Which is more dangerous, a space heater or an electric blanket?

Neither. I used to live in upstate NY in an attic with no ducted heating. I used both an electric blanket and space heater.Your dog could be an issue with the space heater. Get a ceramic type with ... Read More »

How much room space can you heat with a 5000 Btu electric heater?

According to AC Direct, the amount of Btu necessary to heat a one-square-foot area ranges from 30 to 60 Btu, depending on the climate zone (refer to climate zone map). This means that a 5000 Btu el... Read More »

Will an Electric Space Heater Save Money Over Central Heat?

With the price for energy predicted to climb as worldwide demand increases, many families are examining everyday energy expenditures to help control their energy budget. Although it's easy to quant... Read More »