Who invented the electric hand dryer?

Answer Chicagoan George Clemens invented the hand dryer back in 1948. The hand dryer has made some small improvements over the years, the newest one being the sensor that detects your hands under the drye... Read More »

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When was the hand dryer invented?

George Clemens invented the hand dryer. Clemens' invention eliminated the need to purchase paper towels for the customers to dry their hands. In today's society, the hand dryer is still efficient, ... Read More »

Who invented the first electric hair dryer?

Alexandre Godefoy filed the first patent for the electric hair dryer in 1890. Godefoy used this hair dryer in his salon in France. The hair dryer was similar to the design of the vacuum cleaner of ... Read More »

Who invented the electric hair dryer?

The first hair dryer was created by Alexandre F. Godefroy in his salon in France. Much different from handheld models, which appeared in 1920, Godefroy's hair dryer was a machine people sat under, ... Read More »

When was the electric clothes dryer invented?

The electric clothes dryer was invented in 1915. This dryer had a rotating drum and a sensor that could tell when the clothes were dry. The basic technology of the electric dryer has not changed mu... Read More »