Who invented the electric food mixer?

Answer The electric food mixer was invented by Herbert Johnson in 1908. Johnson was an engineer for the Hobart Manufacturing Company and got the idea for the mixer after watching a baker stir dough with a... Read More »

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When was the electric mixer invented?

The electric mixer was invented in 1908 by an engineer named Herbert Johnson. What started off as a stand-alone device for professional use only was revamped into smaller versions of the 80-quart m... Read More »

Who invented the electric hand mixer?

Herbert Johnson, who worked at Hobart Manufacturing Company, is credited with being the first person to invent the electric hand mixer in 1908. By 1915, his mixer was standard in all bakeries. In 1... Read More »

How to Use an Electric Mixer?

Electric mixers take the work out of preparing certain foods. There are three types of electric mixers: the hand mixer, stand mixer and stick mixer. It is important to use the proper speed when fol... Read More »

Who invented the cake mixer?

Cake mixers are indispensable tools that make work quick and easy. The first hand-cranked eggbeater was invented by Turner Williams in 1870. In 1908, Herbert Johnson, in collaboration with Hobart M... Read More »