Who invented the electric eye?

Answer Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for his paper on the theory of quanta. This paper provided the theoretical basis that made the electric eye, or photovoltaic cell, possible.So... Read More »

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Who invented electric trains?

A German scientist named Werner Von Siemens created the first electric train, exhibited in 1879 at a Berlin trade exhibition. An exclusive track was made for the train, which carried up to 30 passe... Read More »

Who invented the electric dumbwaiter?

The dumbwaiter is a type of small elevator used to transport items between floors in businesses and homes. The earliest dumbwaiters date back to Roman times, and employed a simple pulley system. W... Read More »

Who invented the electric knife?

An American inventor named Jerome L. Murray is credited with the invention of the electric knife. Murray died on January 7, 1998. He held 75 patents in his lifetime, one of which was for the electr... Read More »

Who invented the electric drum?

The first electronic drum set was designed in 1959 by Franz Rudolph Wurlitzer, an instrument producer from Cincinnati, Ohio. The Sidebar, as it was named, was an electro-mechanical machine that acc... Read More »