Who invented the electric drill?

Answer The first electric drill was patented by Australian inventor Arthur James Armot on August 20, 1889, while he was an employee of the Union Electric Company in Melbourne. It was originally invented ... Read More »

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Who invented the electric dental drill?

American dentist, George F. Green, from Kalamazoo, Michigan invented the first electric dental drill and received a patent for it on January 26, 1875. Green's drill had an electromagnetic motor and... Read More »

I need to drill a hole in a water-melon, should I use a manual drill or electric (health & safety)?

My first reaction is WHY?After that, the DRILL is not the issue. I would recommend a NEW bit, fresh out of the package, and flame sterilized. Even then, I am not eating that watermelon.

How to use an electric drill?

You put a drill bit in the drill chuck, tighten with a chuck key, plug in to an outlet and pull the trigger to start the drill motor and apply medium pressure to what ever your making a hole in.

Who made the first electric drill?

The first electric drill was patented in Australia by William Blanch Brain and Arthur James Arnot on August 20,1889. They intended to use the invention to drill rock. In 1895, a smaller electric dr... Read More »