Who invented the dust mop?

Answer African-American inventor Thomas Stewart invented the modern-day dust mop in 1893. Before his invention, people typically cleaned floors on their hands and knees. The invention of the mop was benef... Read More »

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Who invented dust pans?

On August 3, 1897 L.P. Ray, an African-American inventor, patented the dust pan. The device had a metal plate to collect dust and trash, and connected to a short, wooden handle. Modern dust pans ar... Read More »

Who invented the broom&dust pan?

Makeshift homemade brooms were made before 1797 by tying hay, twigs, corn husks or straws to a stick. They did not have the tendency to endure long periods of time. A farmer from Massachusetts, Lev... Read More »

Who invented the common dust mop?

Ancient Romans used mops to clean floors. However, the modern-day dust mop was inspired by an invention from Thomas Steward in 1893. It was designed with a lever so that users could release the dus... Read More »

When u dust room, aren't u just moving dust about?

Sounds like your excuse for not dusting ?