Who invented the dryer?

Answer The first clothes dryer was a hand-cranked model built in 1799 by a French inventor who today is known only as M. Pochon. An automatic dryer was patented by George T. Sampson in 1892, and an electr... Read More »

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Who invented the clothing dryer?

A Frenchman named Pochon is commonly credited with inventing the tumble clothes dryer in 1799. His model dried clothes by utilizing a hand-crank that rotated a ventilated metal drum over a fire.Ref... Read More »

Who invented the blow dryer?

The blow dryer, or hair dryer, was invented in 1890 by Alexandre F. Godefoy. The blow dryer was modeled after a vacuum cleaner. Over the years following, blow dryers were created so they could be h... Read More »

Who invented the dryer sheet?

In the late 1960s, Conrad J. Gaiser put fabric softener on a piece of flannel from his wife's sewing room to create the first dryer sheet prototype, which he named "Tumble Puffs." Gaiser received a... Read More »

Who invented the first blow dryer?

The first blow dryer, or hair dryer, was invented by Alexandre F. Godefroy. He invented the blow dryer in his salon in France in 1890. Godefroy's inspiration was the suction of warm air through a v... Read More »