Who invented the drum set?

Answer Because the drum set is the result of the evolution of percussion over hundreds of years, no one is credited with the invention of the instrument. Drumsets became known as an instrument in the late... Read More »

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Who invented the drum&when?

The invention of the drum dates so far back that no one is credited with its invention. From the ancient Roman's adoption of African drums in 200 B.C. to the circulation of the Turk-made bass drum... Read More »

Who invented the snare drum?

The snare drum dates back to the Middle Ages, roughly 1300 A.D. While there is no definitively known creator of the instrument, it is believed to have been used in Europe during this time. In its o... Read More »

Who invented the electric drum?

The first electronic drum set was designed in 1959 by Franz Rudolph Wurlitzer, an instrument producer from Cincinnati, Ohio. The Sidebar, as it was named, was an electro-mechanical machine that acc... Read More »

Who invented the djembe drum?

The djembe drum was invented by the Malinke and Susu people of the West African regions of Mali and Guinea in the 13th century. Unlike many instruments in Africa, the djembe drums do not have socia... Read More »