Who invented the drinking straw?

Answer Marvin Stone, from Washington D.C., invented the drinking straw. Stone came up with the idea while working at his company, Stone Industrial, which made paper cigarette holders. He used manila paper... Read More »

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Survey: Do you know who invented the drinking straw that expanded out to a "spoon" shape?

How to Pop a Drinking Straw?

Are you and your friends bored in a restaurant with an endless supply of straws at your hands? Entertain yourself by creating a popping sound with a drinking straw! Here's how.

How a Drinking Straw Works: Air Pressure?

On the surface, drinking liquid from a straw appears to involve sucking the drink upward through the straw and into the mouth. However, within this seemingly simple act the basic principles of atmo... Read More »

What is the science behind drinking water with a straw?

A drinking straw is a useful tool that most people use without thinking. It seems second nature to just grab a straw and have a sip of a drink. It is a rather simple process, but the reason why it ... Read More »