Who invented the domino game?

Answer The invention of the game of dominoes is to some extent disputed, though agreed to be of Chinese origin. Chinese tradition says that dominoes were invented by Hung Ming, a popular hero-soldier ofte... Read More »

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How to Play Mexican Train Domino Game?

Mexican Train is a domino game, played mainly in the USA. The object is to accumulate as few points as possible over the 13 games - the player with the lowest total score is the winner.A double-twe... Read More »

How to Play Texas Two Step Domino Game?

Texas Two Step is my two-player domino game from, where else? ...Texas! It's fast, fun, and based on the card game Spite & Malice.

Who invented the first Game Boy?

The first Nintendo game boy was invented by Gunpei Yokoi. Yokoi was regarded as one of Nintendo's most inventive developers. Game Boy started out as handheld video game with a black-and-white scre... Read More »

Who invented the game Parcheesi?

The board game Parcheesi was first copyrighted in the U.S. by E.G. Selchow & Company in 1869; Hasbro, Inc. owns the license in 2010. Parcheesi is based on an ancient Indian game of chance and skill... Read More »